Friday, 04 September 2015

The Fabulous Home Of Rupert Peter Landendinger

... Danish home decor at its best

Time for some drama. One of a home decor variety.

Today we're sneaking a peek at the fabulous apartment of Rupert Peter Landendinger - the marketing director by Malene Birger and the founder of RPL Maison, which produces home fragrance and travel accessories. And it quite literally feels like sneaking a quick peek and dashing off, as the place is rather majestic and grand in appearance. 

His apartment, located in Copenhagen, has got all the trappings of a Danish interior: white walls, wooden floors, touch of black, high ceilings and the general splendour. However, what is really striking in Rupert's abode is the stunning collection of vintage art, antique accessories and furnishings and ethnic decor pieces compacted in a relatively small space! You know a traveller, collector and an art connoisseur lives there. 

Now THIS is how you make an interior statement. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Images via Habitually Chic

Patrik at Brass&Gold
22nd September, 2015
This apartment is wonderful!
22nd September, 2015
I agree Patrik, it's fab! Thank you for stopping by!
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