Our Story

Over three years ago two girlfriends were brought together by similar life events to share a gorgeous apartment in a quiet, charming street in Parsons Green, London. They shared laughs and tears, passion and fears, wardrobes and handbags, hopes and wishes for the future. The put their own stamp in the gorgeous apartment, they made it theirs, they enjoyed every corner and every nook of this unique apartment. It became their safe haven. They found themselves saying 'Let's stay home tonight' more than ever before. And it felt like no time has passed by when they realised life was sending them separate ways again. However, the friendship will always last, and the gorgeous flat will be embedded in their memory forever.

The number of the apartment was 67.

Our Mission

At№67 Concept Store's dream is to assist you in creating your own safe haven, your own №67. Our range has been curated with one aim in mind: to help you decorate your coffee table, your window sill, your chimney piece, your console table, your reading nook or home workspace. If you ever wonder how to get some of the magic you see in the lifestyle shots of top interior brands or interior magazines into your home, and you're not quite sure how to get started, you've come to the right place.

Our Products

We only stock items we love, enjoy looking at and having around. Our products manifest the Scandinavian way of living that is simple, functional and stylish. We adore clean, sleek, bright and airy spaces, with home accessories that complement them. We love to unwind surrounded by all shades of white, grey and earth hues mixed with splashes of dusty colour palette, which is reflected in our store. Our style concept promotes Scandinavian home decor and Nordic lifestyle with a subtle touch of ethnic vibe, pattern and texture, all handpicked for you by At№67.

Our products come mostly from the Scandinavian countries but also other parts of Europe, where designers and artists share the same sentiment for Nordic theme. The collection that we offer is varied, ranging from established designs that have been around for a while to new concepts from up and coming artists.

We are here to offer a stylish alternative to mass-produced clutter that has become too prevalent in our culture. Granted, there are less expensive alternatives that can offer you the same function. However, in our humble opinion, they do not last the test of time, design or durability. There is something satisfying about saving up for the piece you love, cherishing it for as long as you can and passing it down to your children and grandchildren.

Let's Stay Home

Force your way into the secrets of your home. Explore its most unusual quirks. Celebrate the interior. Then enhance it in a stylish and personal way, with soul and character, so that it becomes your safe haven. So that you can say 'Let's stay home' more often.

Happy shopping,

With love,

At№67 Concept Store