Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Get The Look: Relaxed Living Room

Get the most out of your budget

Just a quick note to say that

if you have 1/ a marvelous interior taste and 2/ you know exactly what you want

- you don't need an interior designer :)

Now the fact that you are here reading this, proves point no.1.  If you are not sure about point no.2, well, we can certainly help :) Have a look below at our suggestion on relaxed Scandi-style living room

Have a fab Wednesday planning your new living room!

Tuesday, 06 December 2016

How To Style: Understated, Uncluttered & Recyclable Festive Decor

Tinsel- and litter-free Christmas: keep it natural with low-key, natural decorations

Clutter in your physical surroundings clutters your mind and spirit. It's invariably easy to get caught up in the xmas decor frenzy, and before you know it, you're surrounded by blinking rainbow of Christmas lights and an overload of decorations you're not even sure you are that fond of or if you're going to use it next year at all.

I'm a self-confessed addict of recycling and sustainable living. I adore and surround myself with Christmas trees of all sizes and shapes, but they must have one thing in-common - they must be in a pot, ready to be replanted in the garden come January. The decor (perhaps aside from baubles) must be re-usable throughout the year - that is true for planters (moving from miniature Xmas trees through hyacinths to first snowdrops), vases (pine branches will soon enough be replaced with cherry blossoms and hellebores), paper ornaments (can be used at a birthday party or a nursery),  wreath rings (re-usable literally every season), or even Christmas lights (think late night summer barbecue party). The rest of my Christmas decor often consists purely of nature (pine cones, pine or naked branches, holly, hyacinths, etc. and, needless to say, it's all wonderfully compostable. 

Just think of the storage space this recycled decor saves! My inner storage OCD monster is a massive fan. 

Here's some of the snaps I've taken so far in December to illustrate what I have in mind. 

Have a lovely Tuesday all!

Images © At№67 Concept Store

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Autumnal Beauty Of A Naked Branch

How to style our Paper Art ornaments

They might lack the appeal of flamboyant blooms and petals at spring and summer time, but naked branches represent a different, fragile kind of beauty. One just needs to dress them in style... There's something enchanting about the coarse texture of the branches and the gentle tones and lines of the paper ornaments. Also, the pastel colours provide a nice alternative to the usual reds and yellows of autumn. 

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

Shop the look: 

Vase Ruby | Paper Art Ornament in White | Green/Grey | Pink

Images © At№67 Concept Store

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How To Style: Window Sills

How to dress the gateway to the outside world

We're here again: the time of the year when we spend more time indoors, looking outside of the windows than the other way round.

When chilly mornings, crisp air and misty-moody-milky dawns descend upon us, a window becomes the gateway to the outside world. Invariably, each year we find ourselves standing next to it a few times a day, tutting & fretting about how grey & miserable the outside world has become. It's part of the autumnal ritual. 

This is precisely why we ought to give our windows some tlc. Dressing it stylishly however becomes a fine balancing act: ideally you want some greenery, perhaps magazines or books, sculptures or ornaments, but you don't want to block the precious and scarce light during the dark winter months. Small vases, candle & tea-light holders as well as small unobtrusive plants always work well (think the cute mini-cacti or succulents). My recent purchase, a petite Chinese money plant, looks just right on one of my window sills - I can only recommend it (last image).

I've gathered some of my favourite images for some inspiration here below. 

Let's surround ourselves with decor that soothes us this autumn.

ps. Click here to see other posts from our 'How To Style' series. 

Credits above each image. 

Saturday, 08 October 2016

Pilea Peperomioides - The Latest Plant In Demand

How To Style Instagram's Most Popular Plant

It almost feels like it should get its own Vogue cover at some point this year, doesn't it?

Also known as the Chinese Money Plant, this little fella has taken Instagram by the storm. It seems that no plant gang, no urban jungle, no greenterior, no Instagram gallery is complete without this feeble little green guy. I must confess - I'm having a little crush on it too. 

Have a lovely weekend folks! ♡

ps. You might like our 'how-to-style' on fig trees and eucalyptus too x

Credit above each image. 

Friday, 08 July 2016

Saturday morning: ready for the beach

A beach getaway mise-en-place

I've got 99 problems and a beach could solve at least 98 of them.

Saturday morning.

The alarm clock goes at 6am. Yes, you are ready to give up some (well, quite a lot actually) sleep ***only*** because you know you'll be catching up on it at the beach. Hence getting up at this ungodly hour, in order to avoid the traffic. Oh the sacrifice. You get ready on Friday evening, to safe as much time in the morning as possible.

You wake up on Saturday morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee... that is, if your significant other is in fact an early bird. Otherwise, you're the one prepping the coffee, while praying your better half is going to be at least 50% awake. And that the grumpiness levels will not reach 100%.

But then you both catch the first glimpse of the sea and you realise it was all SO worth it.

Get ready for the beach weekend with At№67 here.

Image © At№67 Concept Store

Thursday, 16 June 2016

How To Style: Not Just For The Picture

What if the bunches of flowers in baskets we often see on Instagram or the blogosphere were not styled merely for the short moment when taking the image, but were actually a genuine part of home decor?

Have you ever tried using baskets as vases? Either on a stool or floor, or hung on a hook? I placed a small glass full of rain water inside of my Tine K Home mini basket and I'm quite happy with the result - the mock orange looks quite happy there and smells divine..!

Images: At№67 Concept Store | Link with ♡

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Spring Clean Frenzy: The Ubiquitous Feather Duster

... as an interior detail

Feather dusters. Is it me or are they everywhere these days?

Are they retro cool or passé? 

I like them. Not the cheap ones with plastic handles and all-colours-of-the-rainbow fluff. 

I mean the retro (yes, I've decided they are retro-cool) type, with carved, varnished wooden handles and ostrich feathers. It turns out they unexpectedly make for a very interesting interior decor detail. It turns out simple, but quality household items like brushes, rug beaters or feather dusters can add an interesting touch to your interior. Why don't you take a look below and judge for yourself: 

Wednesday, 06 April 2016

How To Style: Macramé Wall Art Styling Ideas

Our Macrame Wall Art by House Doctor is now in stock!

They are definitely back and they are everywhere. My Nan had one in her living room, I remember looking at it every time I entered the room.. Did not thinking much of it though, but then again, when you're 10 years of age, you're simply more interested in outdoors rather than indoors (these were the 80s and 90s, so the good times before mobiles, computers and Xbox). 

Needless to say, I have a slightly different outlook on interiors these days. These days I'd congratulate my Nan on her exquisite taste and staying on top of trends! Oh how I've changed... ;)

If you're looking to add some bohemian flair and ethnic touch to your abode, you're in the right place. 

Below you can find quite a few images showing how good and trendy Macramé wall hanging can look,  feel free to get inspired!

Macramé Wall Art by House Doctor is now in stock at £39.00!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Heavenly Honeycomb - Casually Throw(n) On The Sofa

How To Style: Our House Of Rym Throw

In our 'How To Style' series we like to give you ideas and inspiration on how to style some of our own products (Dot Vase, Block Rug, L:A Bruket Skincare, Studio Esinam architectural prints, logo tray by Tine K Home) and/or interior touches frequently seen in and associated with Scandinavian interiors, like eucalyptus, drinks trolley, fig trees, wooden stools and many others.

Today we continue with one of our bestsellers - Heavenly Honeycomb Throw by Swedish brand House Of Rym. This little throw has won our hearts and those of our clients very quickly - it's different, the honeycomb pattern has been trending quite a lot recently and it adds an interesting dimension to a room.