How to Decorate Your Home With Wall Stickers

As you can see, we just added a new category of wall stickers to our shop.  If you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your home, try using wall stickers. Wall decals are a good and easy decoration ideas to use in nursery and home , especially in the rented apartment. The stickers we sell in our shop are authorized from this company. These decals, also known as wall tattoos, are easily applied to smooth surfaces using a vinyl cutting machine. Most decals are made of one color, but some are multi-colored, with different images printed on them. If you’re looking for a much easier option, you can purchase removable and repositionable wall stickers. Here I will introduce you some features of this product:

Vinyl wall stickers are Self-adhesive

If you have no time to paint your walls, you can always stick up self-adhesive wall stickers. These stickers stick to smooth or lightly textured surfaces and you can reuse them as often as you like. Choose from a variety of animal stickers, colorful flowers, or fun, tropical scenes. Or, choose to add a touch of summer to any room with some flowering wall stickers. Whatever your style, you’ll find a self-adhesive wall sticker that’s perfect for your room.

Whether you’re using them to decorate your living room or prayer room, self-adhesive wall stickers are a great way to decorate. Many designs have abstract prints and geometric designs. You can also choose from inspirational quotes to motivate yourself. And, if you don’t feel like painting your walls, you can even use stickers with images of living creatures or cartoon characters to bring a little bit of life into the room.

Vinyl wall decals are Removable

Removable wall stickers are a great way to add wall decor without having to spend a fortune on paint. Removable decals can be removed when you want to move or update the look of a room. They are also easy to remove so you can easily take them with you when you move. Vinyl wall stickers are also easy to apply and remove. These easy-to-apply vinyl decals can stick to clean, smooth surfaces and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Removable stickers are a great way to add a splash of color to any room. These stickers are easy to apply and will stick to most smooth surfaces, including mirrors and laminated surfaces. They are also heat resistant and waterproof, so they can add a splash of color to any room. Before purchasing these decals, however, be sure to measure the wall surface to ensure that you’ll be able to apply the right size.

Fabric wall stickers are Repositionable

Repositionable wall stickers are a great choice for renters. These temporary wall stickers have sticky adhesive and can be removed multiple times without losing their stickiness. Renters can remove them when they make a mistake, without having to worry about damaging the wall or causing further damage to the decor. The best part is that they can be stored in the original packaging or in between two sheets of baking paper. Repositionable wall stickers are perfect for use indoors as well as outdoor surfaces.

When applying repositionable wall stickers, you must first make sure that the wall is level. Make sure you use a ruler to measure the space. A pencil is useful for marking the exact placement of the sticker. Always remember to keep the back of the sticker attached, so it won’t fall off. It’s also a good idea to keep the wall free of dust or moisture, as this can cause the adhesive to lose stickiness.

Mess-free Stickers

These high-quality PVC Mess-Free Wall Stickers are reusable, removable and fun! Choose from a range of designs and colours to suit your needs. For added convenience, you can also use these stickers on laminated surfaces like mirrors and glass. You can even message the seller if you’re not sure what colour you’d like. Mess-free stickers are easy to apply and remove! They are available in two sizes and can be applied to a range of surfaces, including walls, and are compatible with almost all surfaces, including laminated glass.

While many wall stickers are easy to remove, there are certain considerations you should make before applying them. The first thing you should do is make sure that your wall is smooth and that the stickers stick. If they don’t stick, try to warm them up with a hair dryer. Then, remove them from the wall once they have cooled down. After removal, store the stickers on their original backing. If you’re worried that your kids might want to take them down after a while, warm them up.


Wall stickers are an excellent choice for office walls, retail walls, and even event venues. These designs are inexpensive and durable, and you can reposition them without damaging the surface. You can find a large variety of wall sticker designs to fit the size and shape of your room. The quality and printing material are also excellent. If you don’t find the right size for your space, you can always custom design it. But remember to consider the dimensions of the space.

The standard size for wall stickers is 50cm to 100cm, which is about the size of a regular poster. You can use this size for short announcements and indoor notices. For bigger walls, the size of your wall stickers should be twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches. For larger walls, you can use the largest size of 100cm x 200cm. This size is suitable for large stores and high-traffic areas.


The price of wall stickers depends on the material used for their creation. For example, PVC wall stickers for bedrooms may cost £20 per square metre, while matte fabric wall stickers may cost around £50 per square metre. They do not harm the surface of the wall, but they must be properly applied and removed to avoid damage. Usually, it is recommended to use oil and a sponge to remove them from the wall. If you want to get your walls looking brand new again, you can consider buying wall stickers online.

One thing to keep in mind is that the price of wall stickers varies based on the size of the sticker. You can choose a large sticker that covers the entire wall, or a small, subtle design that stretches only a part of the wall. Regardless of size, however, it is essential to choose a suitable sticker for the space you want to decorate. Although self-adhesive wall stickers usually last for at least three years, they may lose their adhesive properties over time.