A Classy Lady Among Gothenburg Apartments

If a chic woman turned into an interior…

… it would look more or less like this.

This wonderfully elegant apartment in Gothenburg is reminiscent of a tall, chic and well dressed lady. It even feels that the portrait of Charlotte Flossaut by Carl Bengtsson hanging on the wall in the living room somehow serves as the face of the interior.

High ceilings = high heels.

White clean walls = glowing skin.

Cornice = a stunning bracelet.

Ceiling rose = a darn good haircut.

Design furniture = a stylish outfit.

Stylish sockets and light switches = an eye-catching jewellery. 

Bedroom wallpaper = quality (and matching!) underwear.

Art on the walls = a designer handbag. 

Herringbone floor = Burberry trench coat. 

And to top it all of, there’s a bonus that makes us all green of jealousy: a walk-in closet = fun personality. 

Oh, and she’s incredibly photogenic. 

Oh yes. This lady… *ahem* I mean apartment has it all. 

Have a good start to the week!

Images by Jonas berg via Stadshem.se

PS. We must admit we are a little bit flattered to spot 3 stylish accessories in this lovely apartment:

our House Doctor Block RugL:A Bruket Liquid Hand Soap and Dot Vase by House Doctor.

Have a look below!

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