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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Get The Look: Relaxed Living Room

Get the most out of your budget

Just a quick note to say that

if you have 1/ a marvelous interior taste and 2/ you know exactly what you want

- you don't need an interior designer :)

Now the fact that you are here reading this, proves point no.1.  If you are not sure about point no.2, well, we can certainly help :) Have a look below at our suggestion on relaxed Scandi-style living room

Have a fab Wednesday planning your new living room!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Stunning Barn Conversion Scandinavian Style

A former blacksmith's workshop brought back to life

Isn't it wonderful when an abandoned, neglected building gets a second chance and it's brought back to its former glory by a talented group of people? This stunning barn conversion is a perfect example how some serious TLC coming from architects and interior designers can transform a building. This former barn and a blacksmith's workshop is now channeling a Scandinavian spirit and style, all ready to be a home for someone.

Luminous white walls with original features, wonderfully high ceilings, light bleached wooden floors, Scandinavian furniture and accessories throughout, and a lovely, cosy patio garden outside. Looks like the cat has approved and moved in already. 

It's a place flooded with sunlight, with good vibes and happy times ahead. 

Images: Karolina Bak via Loft 

Can you spot White Dala Horses on the TV bench?
Thursday, 23 February 2017

Thoughts On Nordic Interiors | Are You An Interior Introvert? + Personality Test

If you find you're really an introvert, Scandi interiors may help re-charge your batteries


When I try to keep a tally on my thoughts on Nordic interiors, for now the number oscillates around 45. However, this is a subject to change. It might reduce, it might expand. I do stumble across a new aspect or trick in Scandinavian interiors every day. It all depends where this journey takes us :) We have a few constants though, and these are:

1/ over the course of the next months I will take you on a mini-journey of what (in my humble opinion) makes an interior style intrinsically Scandinavian and whether, in fact, the style is kind on your personality (more on it below)

2/ I shall use my own images of my own surroundings in the process. Practice what you preach type of thing. A few exceptions are possible, it would be overly ambitious to think our humble cottage can showcase EVERY facet of Scandi style.

3/ Most of the props used in images are available in my shop (which is naturally a subject to availability). Do give me a shout in the comments if you struggle to find an item. 

First of all, I need to touch on 2 aspects that might be occupying your mind right now, namely:

1/ Why? (as in - why oh why would you do what’s been done many times before?)

2/ Is it for me? (as in – I’ve always been a fan of Scandi home decor, but is it not all so last year?)

Let me address the ‘why’ first.

Every now and then I do come across a piece about Scandinavian interiors called a 'guide' or '10 ways to' or '5 rules of' and I never feel satiated. I never feel like the author (interior stylist, interior journalist, editor, expert etc.) takes the time to exhaust the subject. What about this, and why is this one missing – and I click away, often exasperated by someone's half-assed job on the matter.

And so, I concluded, I shall share my complete and holistic take on Scandinavian style interior rules to the best of my ability: everything I observe, love, admire and surround myself with every day shall be poured into this humble scribble.

And now on to ‘Is it for me’ part of the programme.

The truth is, I actually haven't got the faintest idea. Only you can solve this little mystery.

This is where it gets all poignant and revelatory if you ask me. I shall break my epiphany down for you:

1/ We are bombarded with interior styles on regular basis. We are inundated with THE decorating trends of the season. We are TOLD what the interior rules are. We are even TOLD by Pantone what colours to go all crazy about this year.

2/ As a result of the information overload, we hire an interior designer to help us restructure our frazzled feng shui, re-do outdated wall colours/wallpapers and/or reshuffle our beat-up furniture.

3/ If you’re lucky, they will actually consider your personalities, joys, habits, fears and demons in the process. Now if you are seriously blessed, they won’t charge you a small fortune for their services.

4/ All this could potentially be avoided. The truth is, if you have a marvellous taste and you know what you want, you don’t need an interior designer. There, I said it.

Am I getting it more or less right? Something tells me, I might be.

What if I don’t have a marvellous taste and/or I don’t know what I want, you ask.

How about considering one seemingly small but profound aspect of your life, namely:


How do you recharge your batteries at the end of a long, sh!tty day?


What (or where) is the source of your energy? What do you do to get your sanity back? What do you steer away from because it depletes your energy quicker than a Monday morning would?

We are complex creatures, no one denies that. We all are walking universes, our own galaxies etc. That’s all true. But when we feel absolutely mentally shattered, we seek one of the 2 things: we seek the company of people, or we crave solitude.

This is where the introvert/extrovert personality business comes into play. As it turns out, introversion and extroversion is not about being the homecoming king of every party you walk into, or being shy or socially awkward. In fact, it’s all about how you source your energy.

This is followed by a rather obvious fact: apparently no one is 100% one or the other. Also - less obvious fact: how many of us put on an extrovert act every day at work, with friends, on weekends, etc. to then return home utterly shagged and drained of mental energy? How many of us convince ourselves, with a little help of this thing called social pressure, that we're extroverts, when we are indeed introverts to the bone? It turns out many of us go about daily lives ignoring or contradicting our nervous system.

Fret not however - there's a good way to find out what your sparkling personality is all about. Some genius folks out there created (based on the brilliant work of two brainy gals, Myers & Briggs to be precise) this nifty personality test I’d like you to take right now.

Why, you haste to ask.

The answer is: when it comes down to designing your home interior and decorating your or your children’s rooms, this is THE one little thing you do want to know, in the interest of your sanity. At the end of a long day, however much draining or joyful it was, most of us want to go back to your sanctuary to chill, regroup, unwind, reclaim your narrative. It would seem vital to get the vibes of your living space right, would you agree?

And so, here it is. Take your time. Don’t rush. Don’t go all neutral in your answers. Be brutally honest in the process, even if you’re not proud of your choices. Off you go:

16 personalities - which one am I?

Done? What's the verdict?

Are you predominantly I or E?

If you are one of the I*** types - that’s wonderful, welcome to the club. I’m a proud ISTJ. I find that piece, quiet and a healthy dose of solitude is the best way for me to re-energise. My home is my sanctuary. As it turns out, my nervous system is dramatically different to the one of an extravert's. It’s less tolerant of physical stimulation. Introverts shy away from bold colours; they tend to organise furniture close to walls of the room to create space in the middle. They value space free of clutter and distraction and prefer more distance from others and objects. I find it incredibly refreshing to finally understand why I’ve always steered towards white walls, airy rooms, unobstructed (and preferably open) windows, minimal design, an OCD about clean and straight lines, stylish & streamlined storage, muted, powdery colours and earth tones.

And this is how I arrive at my conclusion. If you found you are one of the introvert types, Scandi interiors and Nordic home decor might support your personality, facilitate your re-fuelling activities and protect your sanity. As for you all you lovely extraverts - feel free to join us on this home styling journey. It might get too boring for you, too bland, too minimal, there might be not enough colour or stimulation for your senses to thrive, but it might as well be the perfect fit. If you follow my thoughts on Nordic interiors over the course of the next few months, you will be able to decide if it can work for you.  First thought is coming next week!

Have a great end to the week all!

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